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Passion Flower Cottage

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments

I live in a cottage in a garden in North London that, late summer is covered with passion flowers and then passion fruit.

When I was chatting about it with my landlady, the amazing Victoria, I said “Most people move to England to live in rose covered cottages.”

“What does that say about you, Michelle?” she asked.

“What does that say about both of us?” was my answer.

The only down side is its distance from Central London, though it is quite easy to get there. Well, and I could use a bit more space. For anyone who knew me when I lived in Avondale Estates in a sinfully spacious home, you know that there is never any such thing as enough space—especially for a self-employed designer and artist.

In the garden, I have my tomatoes in pots along with flowers and herbs. These are photos from last year.

The back door of the cottage from the garden. The vine to the left of the window is the passion vine.

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