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I put on pantyhose for this?

April 26th, 2011 · No Comments

Thursday afternoon’s presentation seemed to be going well enough, though I should have picked up the signals.

After years in business, I have a minimum threshold of money on the table before I can be bothered to put myself through the torture of contorting myself into my expensive, but fairly effective, legs of Lycra. The project budget met the minimum.

My competition to pitch were a PR firm, which said that they had in-house creative (doubtful) and a small agency with a portfolio of mediocre consumer oriented design. I was the obvious choice.

The company to whom I was presenting is not terribly large. For their budget, I could deliver three times what the other could, not to mention better quality. The partners decided that since they wanted to “look bigger” than they are, that they should hire the agency.

At least I didn’t wear heels.

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